Allyson Gottfried

"Doing the work is the short cut."

Allyson, a Los Angeles native, understands the desire to look and stay fit. However for her, it goes beyond a desired physical appearance. Allyson's true passion lies in encouraging others to live a healthy, inspired and harmonious life in mind body & spirit. As a professional child performer, Allyson worked with Hollywood's elite coaches. The tools she acquired in her youth have enabled her to instinctively bring a dedication and expression to her own coaching techniques in the fitness world today. Whether it is training an athlete with sports specific needs, working with pre/post-natal moms, enhancing an entertainers’ endurance for stage, or encouraging anyone for that matter who chooses to live a healthier lifestyle overall. Allyson is equipped with the skill and perseverance to assist her clients in reaching their fitness goals. She currently finds joy in helping navigate her clients to better lifestyle choices with food and fitness based on their individual needs.