Dr. Nancy Lin

"How you do anything is how you do everything. So do everything with a sense of curiosity, a student's mind and harness the magic of tenacity. These are the ingredients to a joyful, purposeful and abundant life!"

Dr. Nancy Lin is a life loving nutritionist, fitness coach and mental health therapist that spends most of her day running around after her kids, teaching nutrition, mindfulness and wellness education in person and on line to adults and kids. Dr. Nancy sits on advisory boards that specializes in nutraceutical, natural health, pain management techniques, as well as weight loss management, products and approaches. She believes in integrative, functional, comprehensive and holistic approaches to wellness, and has a meditation podcast called “Braincation with Dr. Nancy Lin”. Dr. Nancy is a 600 RYT certified yoga instructor, leads her own Body Transformation Programs and authored a book, “Breaking Bad with Dr. Nancy Lin,” (available in 2021).

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