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With 2,220+ studios across the globe, Xponential Fitness is the largest global franchisor of boutique fitness brands across a variety of verticals including Pilates, barre, stretching, rowing, cycling, dance, yoga, functional training, boxing, and running. With many of our brands ranked in industry growth awards like Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 and the Inc 5,000 list each year, our brands continue to lead in the boutique fitness space.

Why own an Xponential Franchise?

Xponential Fitness has the resources, platform, and network to ensure continued growth and support for our franchise partners.


Real Estate

Our expert team will guide you through the entire process, from site selection to lease execution, to find the ideal site for your studio.

Construction & Design

We’ll guide you through the entire buildout process from approved layout and general construction to interior design, music, and technology.


Membership Sales

Comprehensive & ongoing sales training, monthly calls & expert guidance from pre-sale through to Grand Opening & into sustainability.

Studio Recruitment

Receive ongoing assistance hiring the most qualified teachers, general managers, and sales team.



The minute your LOI is executed, the marketing of your studio begins, with personalized support to ensure you generate maximum leads.

Recognized as the best, by the best.

The Xponential Brands


Rumble Boxing was founded in January 2017 as a boxing-inspired group fitness concept in the heart of Chelsea in New York City. The experience is a 45-minute, 10-round, full-body cardio and strength workout crafted around specially designed water-filled, teardrop-style boxing bags.

Investment Range for Boutique | $393,700 - $575,900
Investment Range for Signature | $3,258,833 – $4,028,333
Liquid Capital Req. | $100,000 Net Worth Minimum | $500,000

BFT - 833-623


Founded in 2017 in Melbourne, Australia by fitness industry veteran Cameron Falloon, BFT offers a community-based 50-minute functional training and strength-based program across 13 workouts. BFT uses science and technology-based training techniques to drive individual member health goals in an inclusive, coach-led group environment.

Investment Range | $362,700 - $548,600      Liquid Capital Req. | $100,000
Net Worth Minimum | $500,000


Founded in 2017 and franchising since 2019, STRIDE is a treadmill-based interval training concept, delivering a total-body workout designed for every fitness level. An engaging program led by dynamic authorized coaches and utilizing heart-rate monitoring technology, STRIDE offers a supportive and inclusive environment providing three signature class formats including interval, endurance-based and strength training.

Investment Range | $372,412 - $533,512   Liquid Capital Req. | $100,000
Net Worth Minimum | $500,000

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Founded in 2013 and franchising since 2018, AKT is a full-body workout that combines cardio dance intervals with strength and toning, which are effective and accessible for all fitness levels. AKT is fueled by positivity and the belief that movement has a powerful, lasting impact. With four signature class formats including dance-based, cardio and strength circuits, strength training intervals and toning, AKT is designed to push customers to sweat, dance and burn calories in a high-energy atmosphere.

Investment Range | $320,616 - $495,516    Liquid Capital Req. | $100,000
Net Worth Minimum | $500,000


Founded in 2014 and franchising since 2018, Row House is the largest indoor rowing brand, offering incorporated personalized performance metrics, resistance training, rowing and stretching exercises to build aerobic endurance and muscular strength. The low-impact nature of rowing workouts makes Row House accessible to a broad range of consumers with six signature Row House class formats including introductory, interval-based, strength training, stretching and two endurance-based formats.

Investment Range | $247,116 - $483,316   Liquid Capital Req. | $100,000
Net Worth Minimum | $500,000



Founded in 2015 and franchising since 2017, StretchLab is a leading assisted stretching brand that was created to help people through customized flexibility services. It offers one-on-one and group-assisted stretching sessions to customers across a broad range of age and fitness levels. StretchLab’s advanced “flexologist” instructors receive extensive training, including both classroom and on-the-job training programs.

Investment Range | $160,300 - $299,260    Liquid Capital Req. | $100,000
Net Worth Minimum | $500,000


Founded in 2004 and franchising since 2014, CycleBar is the largest indoor cycling brand and offers a variety of low-impact, high-intensity indoor cycling workouts, which are inclusive of all fitness levels. CycleBar offers an immersive, multi-sensory experience in state-of-the-art “CycleTheaters,” led by specially trained instructors, enhanced with high-energy “CycleBeats” playlists and tracked using rider-specific “CycleStat” metrics.

Investment Range | $346,910 - $487,910      Liquid Capital Req. | $100,000
Net Worth Minimum | $500,000


YOGASIX — Get your SIX on

Founded in 2012 and franchising since 2019, YogaSix is a boutique yoga brand that offers a broad range of heated and non-heated yoga classes, boot camp-style fitness classes, and meditation accessible to all. Class formats include Y6 101, Y6 Restore, Y6 Slow Flow, Y6Hot, Y6 Power, and Y6 Sculpt Flow. Classes at Yoga Six eliminate the intimidation factor that many people feel when trying yoga for the first time, offering a fresh perspective on one of the world’s oldest fitness practices.

Investment Range | $294,836 - $499,236     Liquid Capital Req. | $100,000
Net Worth Minimum | $500,000

PURE BARRE — Lift. Tone. Burn.

Founded in 2001 and franchising since 2009, Pure Barre is the largest barre brand, offering a range of effective, low-impact, full-body workouts for a broad range of fitness levels. Pure Barre has four signature class formats including introductory, classic barre, interval training, and resistance training. Its high-quality instructors receive specialized multi-tiered training allowing for class format and choreography to be refreshed on a quarterly basis.

Investment Range | $212,287 - $457,337   Liquid Capital Req. | $100,000
Net Worth Minimum | $500,000



Founded in 2007 and franchising since 2012, Club Pilates is the largest Pilates brand, designed with the vision of making Pilates more accessible, approachable and welcoming to everyone. Based in Irvine, CA, Club Pilates has appeared in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 list four years running, as well as The Fastest Growing Fitness Franchise by Inc. Magazine’s Inc. 5000 and Inc. 500 two years running.

Investment Range | $185,800 - $388,200      Liquid Capital Req. | $100,000
Net Worth Minimum | $500,000

What our franchisees think of us.

Pure Barre
“Franchising allowed me to fulfill my dream of running my own company without the start-up risk and stress.”

Lauren F.

San Francisco, CA – West Portal

"What we have been most impressed by is the overall support given to us throughout the Pre-Sale and opening period. The sales coaching has gotten us to the Top 5 in the network in just a few months and the lead instructor coaching has allowed us to keep our instructors sharp as our member base grows.”

Raquel H. & Rob C.

Franchise Owners, California

Club Pilates
“Club Pilates is the community you get to build with not just your team but all the members that walk through your doors. It’s amazing to see how people from all fitness levels and ages can experience the benefits of Pilates and truly impact their lives.”

Sheri W.

Club La Grange, IL

"We were looking for a differentiated franchise opportunity and we found it with AKT, a best-in-class, revolutionary boutique fitness experience. We have been impressed since the first day with the quality of the resources and significant investment in brand development.”

Paul and Jodi D.

South Florida

“Opening three existing locations, with an additional three coming in the future with the support from Xponential and the StretchLab team has been a truly rewarding and worthwhile investment. Our members love the services and StretchLab is complementary to all workouts and walks of life.”

Terry R.

Dallas/Forth Worth, TX

Row House
“We were inspired by the mission to serve all people of all shapes, sizes, and abilities, and attracted to the stability and expertise of the largest group of boutique fitness studios. It's a simple business model and we love impacting the lives of people that walk in our doors.”

Chad & Shelley R.

Row House Cool Springs

"It truly feels like a partnership and I always know whom to go to for whatever support I need. There is also an Xponential Playbook that has been customized for STRIDE that allows me to execute thoughtfully and leave my fingerprint on the business."

Bryan C.

Franchise Owner, Crown Point, IN

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